Sunday, 2 March 2014

Happy Holidays... Morocco

I have just got back from one of the most amazing holidays of my life! Me and my boyfriend went to Morocco.

I haven't had a holiday in nearly 2 years and really felt like I needed to get away, we booked it on which was actually really handy we only booked it about a month before we went which made it even more exciting as there wasn't very long to wait!
We stayed in a beach town called Agadir which was a bit of a compromise as Nelsen wanted a beachy holiday and I wanted something where we could do 'Activities'. So we stayed in Agadir but we went on a day trip to Marrakech which was crazy!!

Our hotel was absolutely beautiful!! it was called Blue sea La tivoli and was really clean and well looked after and the whole hotel had Moroccan design throughout. We ended it with a huge room with a whole wall of wardrobes and a kingsize bed and our own balcony.

The weather was really nice considering it is February, the first day was a bit windy and overcast but it really brightened up afterwards. Managed to not get burnt which is a bit of a miracle for me! I'm practically albino haha.

Was such a different culture to any holidays I've ever been on, although I had never been to any Arabic countries before. The people were all extremely welcoming but as a woman I did notice a difference in the way I was treated as a woman, never had anyone be rude but if I was walking with my boyfriend all conversation would be aimed at him.

But did meet some of the friendliest people I've ever met, even leaving shops and our hotel at the end of the holiday men would hug us and always tell us how welcome we were.

Marrakech was one of the most lively exciting places I've visited, everyone is loud and the place is bubbling with energy. Down the lanes I saw some beautiful crafts, bags, tagines, and trinkets, rugs, everything you could imagine!! In the main squared there were snake charmers and people with trained animals, we had a bit of a problem with one guy with a monkey, he came up to us and offered his hand to shake Nelsen's hand so as it is polite, he shook his hand and the guy had obviously trained the monkey to jump across at that point and then charged people for holding him. So I ended up shouting at him that we don't want this monkey!! haha a bit ridiculous really!. One thing I would warn people looking to travel to Marrakech, is be prepared to get approached constantly with people trying to sell to you! got a bit much at one point so we went and hid on a rooftop cafe for a few hours.

I'll finish this blog with some photos.

Looking forward to mine and Nelsens next holiday adventure, really want to see the world with him.