Wednesday, 24 July 2013

a camping trip to remember

So last week me and my boyfriend decided we were going to attempt camping together seeing as the weather has been so lovely and neither of us can afford a proper holiday this year so we borrowed a tent and all the camping gear from my aunt and on Sunday morning off we went.

We surprisingly managed to get the tent up in about 25 minutes considering how windy it was! then we just spent the rest of the day setting up bits and sunbathing really then had a really nice dinner.

It was the second day which was the 'interesting' one , it all started so well woke up, beautiful weather, made breakfast ( after spending a good hour trying to work out how you use the grill before realizing it had legs haha) and off we went to the beach, we went to Greatstone which is an absolutely beautiful sandy beach near Romney.

Me and Nels (boyfriend) were commenting on how neither of us were getting a tan as we were laying there, I was applying suntan lotion but normally you can see if you are catching the sun, we went to go get some fish and chips (classic seaside lunch) and as I stepped into the shop out of the sun i looked at myself and i was practically glowing!! i was so burnt it was unbelievable i moved my bikini strap and it looked like it was still there! we spent a bit longer at the beach after having a nice swim in the sea ( to Nelsen's dismay) we headed back to the tent.

I opened the cool box to put in the stuff we had bought for a bbq that night picked up the pot of butter from breakfast and it basically exploded, it was completely liquid where the tent had gotten so hot!! it was horrendous, melted butter is not the easiest thing to clean everything was slipping out of my hand it was like a cartoon comedy sketch with a bar of soap in the bath!!

After that drama and after a traumatically hot shower adding the the heat from the sunburn we had a lovely bbq and watched the sunset with our campfire blazing.
That night we were woken up by the sound of the loudest storm i think I've ever heard, thunder forked lighting illumination the tent and of course the tent leaked directly above our heads!! ended up sleeping in the middle of the tent under a very damp sleeping bag!

Slightly stressful but the good outweighed the bad, brilliant memories and what I'm hoping will turn into a good suntan to stay with me.