Friday, 2 August 2013

A day with the butterflies...

On Monday me and my family and boyfriend spent an enchanting day at the butterfly house next to the natural history museum.
We travelled up by train to south Kensington, in the lovely sunshine, we got there a while before it was our turn to go in and had a picnic on the grass outside.

when you first walk in the butterfly house it feels so humid it takes your breath away but after a couple of minutes you find you've acclimatised, instantly there are butterflies fluttering around you landing on a nearby flower or if your lucky on you :).

One was so attached to my hair he stayed on for a ride for a while....
I walked past a large fan at one point haha apparently he was hanging on for dear life!

Saw some beautiful butterflies and the biggest most beautiful moth I've ever seen, look at the size of him!!

But it's really sad he only lives for 6 days and he cant eat or drink as he doesn't have a mouth, all he does is reproduce and look pretty.

Going to finish this blog with some pictures I got :)

By the way entrance is £4.50 for children and adults, like I mentioned the nearest stop is South Kensington which is only 2 stops from Victoria and it is open till the 15th of September 2013.