Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to do vintage on a budget, my new room...

As some of you may know, I recently moved house...
I was so excited to get the chance to decorate my own room, to my dad's (a painter and decorator's) dismay, I was looking for something that incorporated my style, which is a bit eclectic with some antiques and ditsy prints thrown in, but that wasn't too girly.
I decided on a light blue for the walls from Dulux, I think its lovely and fresh and has a calming effect, which I definitely need! And i'm interested to see how it looks with some winter accessories, like a tartan throw for the be and some more seasonal cushions.

I am a huge fan of bootfairs and charity shops to find things to decorate my room, like these suitcases i have stacked up to use as a stand for a television.

  •  Top: Case bought for me by my dad full of old postcards some as old as 1900: around £5
  • Middle: Case given to me by my grandparents: Free
  • Bottom: Animal protection charity shop Pickford lane: £5
Think this has so much more character than a standard television stand you can pick old leather suitcase from all over the place normally between £3- £5 at bootfairs and charity shops, don't bother going to expensive 'vintage' and 'retro' shops they will rip you off! 

Another different idea, instead of using a bedside lamp I used a paper lampshade that I bought at a charity day for Greenwich and Bexley hospice and filled it with fairy lights. Fairy lights are honestly one of my most favorite things in the world I don't hang around for Christmas I love fairy lights all year long!

  • Paper lampshade : £2
  • Fairy lights: £1
Gives off a really warm glow in the evenings when you're all cosy in bed.

I really wanted to use my childhood dolls house and fill that with fairy lights but my room wasn't quite big enough in the end, but that's another idea!
Here are a few pictures of some other item's I've collected along the way all from charity shops and bootfairs or handouts! haha!

  • Pink clock: £2
  • Chinese tea set: £2
  • Egg salt and pepper set: £1.50
  • Glass bottle: gift 
  • Bassett's tin: 50p

I use this old Allsorts tin to store all my nail varnishes. 
As you can see below I have a slight obsession with old camera's, I have got quite a collection going now! I love they way they look and I love imagining the people before me using them to photograph the people they loved and things they enjoyed. I have only tried to get one of them working which i know is lazy! but I just like looking at them.

My most recent and one of my most exciting purchases was this old sewing machine, and I am in love with it!

I have been searching for one for a while now but lots of them are a bit pricey! (my pricey probably isn't the same as most people's pricey) but when I saw this one and the guy said £5 I was so happy! Its not a brand I've ever seen but I think the colour is gorgeous and it's so 1950's .
The thing with bootfairs and charity shopping is that you can't expect to find exactly what you want straight away but if you stick with it your bound to find something eventually.

 My dad found these really cute postcards in frames outside someones house with a sign saying please take they are really funny they have all surf images on them.

I'm going to finish with a few other photo's of parts of my room I like, I'm working on a magazine wall in my bathroom which you can see below but I've had to stop because I've ran out of images I like so that's an on going project.

I hope this was interesting for some people and maybe gave some of you some idea's?  I think rooms look so much more personal when they are full of objects that reflect you an have stories behind them.
Happy bargain hunting!

By the way sorry if the images are a bit wonky I haven't got the hang of blogger yet it looks fine when i write it then when i publish it, it goes all wonky so Apologies!!